Financial Information

The School of Public Health offers students numerous financial assistance options  through scholarships, travel support and assistantship positions. 

ASPPH - Financing your Degree

The Association of Schools & Programs of Public Health has put together a resource page to assist public health students with funding their public health degree.  A main concern students express relates to how they may finance their public health education.  This web page includes a plethora of tips and resources to assist prospective and current students seeking strategies in funding their education.

Scholarship Information

The school awards scholarships primarily before the fall term.  Very few awards are processed for spring terms.  An academic year includes the fall, spring, and summer terms of the noted award year.  New students receive scholarship application information information during final admission processing.  Current students are contacted via school email with application instructions.

Assistantship Information

Assistantship positions at the school (teaching, research, & graduate) are available on a limited basis and typically not offered to incoming master students.  Doctoral students may be offered an assistantship as part of the admission process.   If a student is able to acquire an assistantship opportunity they will work with the employing department and/or principal investigator regarding the research & teaching assistantships.  If a student is offered and accepts a GA/TA/RA position the student will have several required HR training modules assigned & required to be completed prior to final processing and being put on payroll.  The HR liaison with the school will assist students in all HR matters.

Financial Aid

Students wishing to pursue federal financial aid are encouraged to create and submit a FAFSA according to FAFSA deadlines for the relevant academic year.  Federal financial aid (Title IV) administered in conjunction with law and rules governing federal emanate from the US Department of Education.  Students wishing to be considered for federal aid, stafford loans, PELL, etc. must submit the FAFSA.  Once the FAFSA has been successfully submitted the Office of Financial Aid will access that application and process after verifying enrollment and registration.   Additional information can be found at the Texas A&M Office of Financial Aid.  For HSC-School of Public Health students please consult with HSC staff before moving into or through any financial aid processes due to the merger of the HSC into Texas A&M University. 

A special note: US financial aid under Title IV is not available for international students in the United States on an F-1 or J-1 visa.

Student Travel Support

Students who travel for degree, research, or school business may be eligible to apply for travel support from a small pool of funds.  Questions regarding school-supported travel support can be directed to the Office of Student Affairs.  If funds are available the appropriate documentation and process will be provided.