Program for Health Policy Research (PHPR)

Director: Michael A. Morrisey, Ph.D.
Phone: 979-436-9433

The Program for Health Policy Research (PHPR) is dedicated to finding innovative, robust and sustainable solutions to local, state, national, and global health problems. Housed within the Department of Health Policy & Management at the School of Public Health, PHPR engages scholars from across the Texas A&M University System. The vision of the PHPR is to serve as a TAMUS focal point for health policy research and as a vehicle for bringing together academic, research, business and legislative entities to work collaboratively to help find solutions to the efficient management and delivery of quality, affordable health care and particularly the population-based and public health focused prevention of the need for expensive care that could have been avoided.

The mission of the PHPR is to be a catalyst and facilitator for the diverse interest groups and various stakeholders in the health care system to identify strategies that maximize the enlightened self-interests of stakeholders. The creative application of these self-interests leads to different strategies in local, state and national contexts and through mechanisms with better “fit” depending on context. The PHPR will conduct research in four major core areas of interest: 1) strategies for improving population health status and healthcare quality, access, and affordability; 2) comparative analysis of local, state and national health care systems for innovation, efficiency and effectiveness; 3) tools for informatics and information systems in public health and healthcare; and 4) mechanisms of organizational transformation of health care delivery.