Graduation and Commencement

On behalf of the School, congratulations on entering the final semester of your curriculum at SPH! To help you prepare for graduation, please review the information below for the required forms and deadlines.

Please note: starting August 2016, all SPH students will participate in the Texas A&M Commencement Ceremonies based on the time the student applies for graduation.  The School will no longer hold a separate ceremony in the spring. 

For more information visit the Texas A&M Graduation website for all the required steps. 

Applying for Your Diploma

You must file an application for degree before you can graduate.  Students planning to graduate may file an application online in Howdy portal. In addition, Texas A&M provides a Graduation Checklist, in which upcoming graduates are strongly recommended to review and complete the necessary steps.

Commencement Ceremony

Students planning to participate in the Texas A&M Commencement Ceremony should indicate this in the Graduation Application in the Howdy portal.  Information about regalia, photos, guest seating, parking and special accommodations are found on the Texas A&M Graduation website

The specific time and day of the School of Public Health ceremony will be announced 2-3 weeks after the graduation application deadline. 

Ordering Regalia 

Refer to the Texas A&M graduation website for a list of retailers to rent or purchase regalia. When ordering regalia, please see the list below for the hood color based on your degree. 

  • MHA- teal 
  • MPH- salmon (all concentrations)
  • MSPH- gold
  • PhD- dark blue
  • DrPH- salmon

SPH Graduates Recognition

The School would love to celebrate with you and your family! A "Signing Day" ceremony will be held on April 18, 2017 for May 2017 graduates to celebrate your post-graduation plans! At this casual event, you can take a snapshot with your university/company logo against a TAMU backdrop. 

Future Contact & Employment Information 

The School is compiling data on employment plans of our graduates for CEPH accreditation. Personal information will be kept confidential and is only used for statistical purposes. Individual student data will not be published or shared. This is required of all graduating SPH students. 

Submit your Contact and Employment Information Now!

Additional Resources

Financial Aid- consider meeting with a Financial Aid  or Money Wise advisor to plan for loan repayment and deferment options (if applicable).

Job Search Assistance- Schedule an appointment with Jessica Newcomb with the School's Career Services Program!  She works with both current and former students to help guide you through the job search process.

Association of Former Students, Aggie Ring- connect with Aggies around the world by purchasing a class ring.  Review the website for eligibility requirements.

SPH Alumni Association- join this network to receive information from SPH after you graduate!